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Drink Driving

Greater Law Firm Brisbane can assist you with your Drink Driving charge.

The penalties for DUI in Queensland vary, depending upon your Blood Alcohol Reading, your previous traffic history, the class and status of your driver's licence, as well as the type of vehicle which you were driving when intercepted.

For example, an open licence holding first time offender with a Blood Alcohol Reading in the Low Range, meaning 0.099 and below, faces a maximum 9 month licence disqualification, with a Mandatory Minimum 1 month licence disqualification.

Where eligible, open Queensland licence holders can apply for a Work Licence, which will permit you to drive for work purposes only during your court ordered licence disqualification.

First time Mid Range offenders face a maximum 12 month licence disqualification, with a Mandatory Minimum 3 months, however, Work Licence eligibility also applies to these reading as well.

First time High Range offenders face a maximum lifetime licence disqualification, with a Mandatory Minimum 6 month licence disqualification. 

No work licence eligibility exist for High Range offences.

P Platers and persons subject to a zero Blood Alcohol Reading face a Mandatory Minimum 3 month licence disqualification for first time Low and Mid Range offending, and no work licence eligibility applies to these offences either.

Penalties escalate where a person has previous history of Drink or Drug Driving within the last 5 years.

The Greater Law Firm Brisbane team are highly successful in obtaining the Mandatory Minimum applicable licence disqualifications, and where eligible, Work Licences for our clients.

If you face a DUI Drink Driving or Drug Driving charge, we strongly recommend you make contact with Greater Law Firm Brisbane today.

Greater Law Firm Brisbane specialises in obtaining the following outcomes:

  • Drink Driving Work Licences
  • Drug Driving Work Licences
  • Lowest possible licence disqualifications
  • Queensland Transport Suspension Special Hardship Licences
  • Avoiding imprisonment for high jail risk matters
  • Securing non-recorded convictions where appropriate
  • Summary trials
  • Supreme and District Court trials