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Work Licence

Greater Law Firm Brisbane can assist you in the application for a Work Licence.

If you have been charged with Low or Mid Range DUI Drink Driving or Driving Whilst a Relevant Drug is Present, and you satisfy certain other prerequisite criteria, we can obtain for you a special licence which will allow you to continue driving during your Court ordered licence disqualification for work purposes.

A Work Licence will allow you to continue to drive for work purposes literally as if you were never charged.

To confirm, if your Blood Alcohol Concentration was 0.149 or below, or if you were charged with Drug Driving and the Police only suspended your licence for 24 hours, you will be eligible to apply, subject to the above mentioned prerequisites.

The other prerequisites include, among other things, that you have not lost your licence for any other reason within the last 5 years, and you were the holder of a valid open Queensland driver's licence when intercepted.

Please note, Work Licences apply to court ordered Drink and Drug Driving licence disqualifications, not Queensland Transport licence suspensions.

If you have received a Demerit Point or High Speed Suspension from Queensland Transport, you will need to apply for a Special Hardship Licence, which the Greater Law Firm Brisbane team can assist you with.

Work Licence applications are quite complex and there is no right to appeal if you get it wrong.

If you are planning to apply for a DUI Drink Driving or Drug Driving Work Licence, we strongly recommend you make contact with Greater Law Firm Brisbane today.

Greater Law Firm Brisbane specialises in obtaining the following outcomes:

  • Drink Driving Work Licences
  • Drug Driving Work Licences
  • Lowest possible licence disqualifications
  • Queensland Transport Suspension Special Hardship Licences
  • Avoiding imprisonment for high jail risk matters
  • Securing non-recorded convictions where appropriate
  • Summary trials
  • Supreme and District Court trials